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“I do not at all understand the mystery of grace — only that it meets us where we are but does not leave us where it found us.”

          ~ Anne Lamott

“The cause of all our personal problems and
nearly all the problems of the world can be
summed up in a single sentence: Human life is very
deep, and our modern dominant lifestyle is not.”
~ Bo Lozoff


Jean Brown, Ph.D., holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology, MACP, and a doctorate in transpersonal psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. She is a psychologist, interspiritual minister, and end-of-life doula.

Her journey through spiritual emergency/crises taught her firsthand how difficult, and often misunderstood, the deepening, expansive process of transformation can be. Grace does not always feel graceful. The process of inner transformation can be solitary, painful and scary.

Grace in Transformation was created to assist people navigating difficult life changes as well as to provide care during end of life transitions. Grace in Transformation offers the support to be present to, attend to, and allow space for healing and integration to occur, providing a sacred container during times of turbulent transformation, and a sacred presence during the soul’s transition at the time of death.

Dr. Brown has practiced as a psychotherapist in community counseling centers, clinics, and residential facilities. She has counseled and supervised adults in crisis and at-risk and homeless youth. She has worked with individuals and groups, adults and adolescents from diverse populations and backgrounds.

Her therapeutic influences include an eclectic array of modalities: contemplative and mindfulness-informed psychology, Yoga psychology energy psychology, depth psychology, and client-centered, insight-oriented and ego-supportive psychotherapies.

Her areas of clinical interest and training include: grief and bereavement, spiritual emergencies/spiritual crises/dark night of the soul, trauma and PTSD, end of life care, culture and ethnicity within the context of mental health, the healing power of ritual, spiritual guidance and direction, and life meaning and purpose.

Dr. Brown has practiced meditation for almost three decades. She is certified in several energy healing modalities and often incorporates relaxation techniques, meditation, guided imagery, tools that inspire spiritual growth into her sessions.


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